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Education & Awareness

Making a Door to a bright future

ZAYEDESA with collaborating partners has aided in renovation and construction of school buildings, and has given material support in the form of school desks, computers, uniforms and learning materials to schools in Unguja and Pemba. ZAYEDESA also constructed a training center to provide the necessary agricultural skills to youth to become self-employed entrepreneurs

Tunguu Agriculture Training Center (TATC)

ZAYEDESA has a youth training center in Tunguu, Central District, with 62 acres of land with established infrastructure of offices, classes, dormitories, laboratory, and supply of water and electricity, used as a youth vocational training center for entrepreneurship where young men and women learn various skills such as agriculture, forestry, livestock keeping and husbandry, and food processing.

Aqua- Culture Programme (ACP)

ZAYEDESA Aqua-cultural programme supported women and young people in training, provision of equipment and access to financial help to make them operate in modern and environmentaly friendly methods in in-shore fishing and sell fish culture. This is a lucrative and common income generating activity for women and youth.

Peace Building

ZAYEDESA has capacity and experience to hold international conferences and training on democracy, tolerance and peace building by bringing together politicians, religious leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs, women and youth.
ZAYEDESA joined hands with its international partner to start a chapter in Zanzibar of Sisters Against Violent Extremism (SAVE). SAVE‟s central project is the Mother‟s Schools which empowers and equips mothers to recognize and respond to early warning signs of radicalization/extremism and negative behavior change in their adolescent children.

Supporting Student Academic Performance

ZAYEDESA collaborated with its regional partners to successfully implement a collaborative project sponsored by the World Bank, to conduct survey tests to secondary school students in Zanzibar to assess their education level in order for the MoEVT to improve education and learning abilities.