What People Say

Lately we have managed to decrease mother and child mortality rate through childbirth to a great extent, thanks to efforts taken by our Government and support given by ZAYEDESA and AMD by constructing the well equipped new modern maternity wing at the general hospital and the midwife/doctors training exchange program between Romans Hospital in France and MnaziMmoja hospital here in Zanzibar.

The new services and structure has increased the rate of expecting mothers’ giving safe birth at the maternity ward from 800 to a 1000. As a result, this shall always remain as one of the most important program that ZAYEDESA and AMD have accomplished in Zanzibar. We now have ultra sound machines which help expecting mothers and us in knowing the unborn child’s condition and for those who wish, the gender as well which before could not be done as we did not have the equipments.

We at the hospital are extremely grateful to ZAYEDESA for introducing the AMD exchange program as we get to work besides the French experts and midwives who come to our hospital, and also have our staff professionally trained in their hospital in France.
Dr. Mwana Omar Issa
Midwife/Medical Assistant – Maternity Section, MnaziMmoja Hospital, Zanzibar
As a Project coordinator for Aide Medicale et Developpment (AMD) from Grenoble, France, we have succeeded to work with ZAYEDESA since year 2003, in renovating and equipping the MnaziMmoja old maternity wing, constructing the new extension wing, constructing the midwife cottage in Tumbatu and renovating and extending the existing Government maternity hospital there and one in Nungwi and rehabilitating and upgrading the Kivunge Hospital, North Rural Region, to be the second best in Zanzibar, renovating and equipping the Wete maternity theatre and finally constructing a new maternity unit in Micheweni, Pemba.

Through our bilateral cooperation, we managed to establish an exchange program with midwives, gynecologists and nurses between Romans Hospital in France and MnaziMmoja Hospital in Zanzibar. Currently all services are conducted under good care from local staff and we are happy to see the rate of child and childbirth mortality rate decreasing.
Jacques Roth
Project Coordinator for construction of maternity units
After having completed my ‘O’ level I had no idea of what I would do next. I took a chance and decided to request ZAYEDESA in helping me in paying for a course in Journalism. I was fortunate as they agreed and after completion I decided to head back home, Nungwi, a village in the North Region of Zanzibar.

After a while, not having succeeded getting a job, ZAYEDESA called and offered to further train me in Peer Education and Counseling and offered a job as a HIV Counselor in their Nungwi VCT Centre. It was an unbelievable dream come true as I had been desperately looking for a job. I am now proudly the senior HIV Counselor at the ZAYEDESA Nungwi VCT Centre thanks to ZAYEDESA.

Mcha Othman
HIV/AIDS Counselor, Zanzibar
A reformed drug addict ; I had been a drug addict for twelve years. My parents and family had effortlessly tried helping me leave the habit but in vain until I got professional counseling and help from ZAYEDESA.

After having suffered for twelve years I finally found the joy of living life to the full after being rehabilitated and ZAYEDESA further having extended that blessing by helping me getting a job with the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Social Welfare. I have a lot to thank them for as I had a second chance to life and it was a hard task to begin life a new with my family, friends and community after living a long immoral lifestyle, but I made it.

I now live happily with my husband and children and offer help in counseling and tending to others who intend to reform.
Badria Yahya
Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Women and Children’s Development, Zanzibar
Self employed I managed to be self employed and generate my own income after being trained at the Tunguu Youth Agriculture Centre that is run by ZAYEDESA. I was lucky to be among the first pioneer, twenty two students, when the agriculture courses began at the Tunguu Farm. After completion I was awarded a loan of T.Shs. 200,000/- and a sewing machine which was a starting point for my career to take off. I now run a small backyard poultry with local chickens which helps additional income for me.
Amina Juma Omar
Poultry keeper