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 Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is the world’s largest environmental education organization, with over 100 member organizations in 82 countries. With 40 years of impactful experience in ESD, our new strategic plan – GAIA 20:30 – priorities climate action across all five programmes to address the urgent threats of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution.

Our educational programmes, Eco-Schools, Learning About Forests and Young Reporters for the Environment, empower young people to create an environmentally conscious world through a solutions-based approach. Our Green Key and Blue Flag programmes are globally recognized for promoting sustainable business practices and the protection of natural resources.

ZAYEDESA has been accepted to be FEE associated members, since 2017, has decided to assimilate the Eco-schools 2017 -2021  , ZAYEDESA as other fee members before become full FEE membership supposed to adapt  second new FEE program, In 2022 ZAYEDESA intend to start Young reporter programs as the second   FEE programs to be operated in Zanzibar as pilot phase. It is our intention to focus and continue to run these two FEE programs parallel programs in 2022 -2023. 

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ZAYEDESA as an Associate Member of FEE and National Operator, is coordinating the Eco-Schools Programme in 30 Pilot Eco-Schools in Zanzibar (21 Unguja & 9 Pemba) both public and private to be part of the international Eco-Schools program, an Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), environmental management and ‘Greene Flag’ certificate program for schools.

ZAYEDESA is continuing to play a leading role in supporting the Eco-Schools in implementing the Seven Steps Methodology of the Eco-Schools program, and to incorporate the ten environmental themes in the campus, curriculum and community. In addition, to observe and commemorate the World Environment Days for the conservation of our planet.


Eco-Schools is the largest global sustainable schools programme – it starts in the classroom and expands to the community by engaging the next generation in action-based learning.

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The Young reporter is the new  program which is a volunteer base in Zanzibar and to be operated by ZAYEDESA as Coordinator. The program will be covering in Unguja before its extension to Pemba Island in Zanzibar  for  pilot implementations phase and will target  the  qualifies schools or out schools youth (youth organizations)  aged 15 to 25  in Zanzibar. 

However  the programs its open for all stakeholders  both government and non government actors who are willing  to support funds or materials on the area of interest to ensure they empower youth people to address environmental injustice such as effects of  climate change , loss of biodiversity, marine Eco-system as far as Blue Economy concern in Zanzibar and promote solution the young reporter is good platform for our young people in Zanzibar

ZAYEDESA has already formulated Young reporter National Jury with 15 members and launching of the programmes   and it’s our intend to start with other planned activities which reflect in ZAYEDESA work plan of YREs in 2022 -2023.

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