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Amref Health Africa project (Afya Kamilifu) is being implemented in Zanzibar with HIV/AIDS interventions that are necessary to reach Key Populations (KPs) with HIV prevention, treatment and care services who have the highest HIV prevalence rates compared to the general population of less than 1% and are vulnerable and most likely to engage in high-risk behaviors of acquiring HIV infection.

ZAYEDESA through its Youth Friendly Health Centers (YFHCs) in Unguja (Miembeni & Nungwi) and Pemba (Mkoani), KPs are reached by trained community Outreach workers (COWs) in various communities promoting the utilization of HIV counselling and Testing Services ((HTS) at our centers. 

Index Testing are conducted to reach partners of HIV positive clients in the community and in hotspots areas in all districts in Unguja where KPs congregate as well as linkage and retention of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) to care and treatment services

Clients enrolled at ZAYEDESA’s Miembeni Center for Treatment and Care (CTC) received adherence counselling to achieve viral load coverage and suppression and those reached for HTS also received screening and treatment for Tuberculosis (TB) & Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs), People who Inject Drugs (PWIDs) are oriented and referral to MAT clinic at Kindongo Chekundu and all HIV+ clients are linked to Zanzibar Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (ZAPHA+) for psychosocial support