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Community Support

We Help People, We Change lives

ZAYEDESA for many years has built and supported community programmes that have had a positive socioeconomic impact for the people of Zanzibar.

Construction of New Orphanage

In 1964, The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGoZ) established the first home for children in need in Stone Town at Forodhani, Urban District. With the increasing number of people, and the town becoming crowded for a healthy and safe environment for the children, the Patron of the orphans, 2000-2010, 

Mama Shadya Karume (Chairperson of ZAYEDESA) in agreement with RGoZ and with the help of various stakeholders, constructed a new spacious two story building with appropriate facilities and amenities at Mazizini, suburban area, which caters for more than 128 children.

Construction of Malindi Fish Market

ZAYEDESA with partners, has built a new fish market at Malindi, Urban District following the appalling state of fish selling environment at the area. The fish market has provided for 47 fish traders and has improved the environmental sanitation.

Safe Water Supply

ZAYEDESA with the assistance of international partners undertook, safe water supply initiatives in the villages of Ukongoroni, Charawe – South Unguja, Matuleni – South of Pemba and Kojani Island. Bore holes were dug and pipe lines installed to within easy reach of the homesteads.

Sports and Entertainment Promotion

ZAYEDESA has been a supporter of sports such as Netball, Basketball and Football and has a strong long standing partnership with Zanzibar Women‟s Netball Association (CHANEZA) & Basketball Association of Zanzibar (BAZA) including Karume cup.